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GMC Denali Wheelchair Lift Conversions

ATC GMC Denali Wheelchair Lift Conversions sold and installed by Startracks Custom Vehicles. We are excited about our newest line of ATC converted vehicles. We had A LOT of people ask if we could convert their GMC Denali. The answer is now yes! In this video we show you a GMC Denali fully customized with the wheelchair lift installed.
This system allows a person to enter from one side of the vehicle and have the option to be either a driver or a passenger in about the same amount of time it would take two people to unbuckle, get out of the vehicle, walk around the vehicle to switch places and then get back in the vehicle. This wheelchair lift conversion has been fitted successfully to Silverados, Sierras, Yukons, Tahoes, Suburbans, and Yukon XLs, all with electronic ramps that extend and retract either the passenger or driver seats. 15 years of installations has allowed this assistive technology to be perfected!
All Terrain Conversions Highlights
This IS the quietest conversion on the market today. You will quickly notice the difference in the ability to hear your family and friends during lift operations, compared to other conversions on the market. There is no sacrifice for durability, where the frame construction built to work, built to last, even exceed the life of your vehicle. Additionally, compared to the Minivan Conversions on the market, the ATC conversion has a greater ground clearance. All-Terrain Conversions supplies customers an exceptional product that provides a truly unique life changing experience through mobility with style.

Speed: The single-motor lift is quiet and quick- lifting or closing in less than 20 seconds! Faster than any handicap truck conversion on the market.
Protection: Safety is a major feature of the ATC conversion, with quick release pins for emergency extraction of the driver or passenger in the wheelchair, and bump stop to prevent crushing should something hit the truck or SUV door.
Accessible: The ATC lift opens the converted vehicle door up and over, making the interior of the vehicle handicap accessible. The overhead door also provides protection from the outside weather elements while the driver/passenger enters or exits the vehicle!
Remote Control: Start your vehicle, lock and unlock doors, set your alarm, and operate the ATC lift all from one single remote!
More Durable: The quality and product design of the hydraulic lift are made to outlast the lifetime of a durable pickup truck, unlike electric lifts in most mobility vehicles on the market.
Wheelchair Vehicles You Can Rely On
• 5 Year/50,000 mile warranty
• Lift built to outlast life of the truck
• GM reliability

Better than Conversion Mobility Van w/ Ramp
•25-Second load time
•Easier transition to vehicle
•Much quieter ride
•Solid look and feel

Driver/Passenger Side Handicap Entry
• Choose which side to convert
• Gull wing door modification
• Backseat still functional
• Hydraulic Lift with manual backup

Best Height & Increased Safety Rating
• Easily negotiate speed bumps and driveways
• Improved safety after conversion
• 10-15% MPG less compared to 25-30% for vans

GMC Denali Wheelchair Lift Conversion GMC Denali Wheelchair Lift Conversion GMC Denali Wheelchair Lift Conversion GMC Denali Wheelchair Lift Conversion
Wheelchair Lift Conversion Wheelchair Lift Conversion Wheelchair Lift Conversion Wheelchair Lift Conversion
Wheelchair Lift Conversion Wheelchair Lift Conversion Wheelchair Lift Conversion Wheelchair Lift Conversion
Wheelchair Lift Conversion Wheelchair Lift Conversion Wheelchair Lift Conversion Wheelchair Lift Conversion
Vehicle Crossover Specifications
The Crossover conversion has a 30” wide entry way that protects you and your equipment from the elements with our signature Gull Wing Door. Our ramp system is 20” long with only 12” extending beyond the door of the vehicle with the angle of entry being only 8.5 degrees.

The ramp and lift system is designed specifically so that you will be able to park in the garage and still have full use of the ramp and lift system.

The floor of the conversion measures 78” long and 54” wide with an interior height of 61”. The available floor space behind the OEM seating ranges from 43” – 50” long by 54” wide. The seating system is designed so that you will have the freedom to hit the open road with family and friends and not be stuck in a driving or passenger position with our interchangeable OEM seat. Also, a 3rd rider locking system can be installed in the midsection of the vehicle for even more versatility. What’s more important than that is the flexibility you will have to make this your everyday driving vehicle.

We remove the center console and the shifter knob and replace that with a Push Button Transmission. Our system is run by hydraulics and has the ability to lift you to a level position, reducing the angle of entry into the vehicle. The hydraulic lift is capable of lifting 750 lbs.
Mobility Reimbursement
Through the GM Mobility Reimbursement Program, new vehicle purchasers/lessees who install eligible adaptive mobility equipment on their new Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicles can receive up to a $1,000 reimbursement for the cost of the equipment.

PLUS... Two extra years of standard OnStar®2service, at no additional cost on this and last years Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles equipped with OnStar. The Directions & Connections® Plan is standard for six months on most GM vehicles.

If you're uncertain of the eligibility of the adaptive equipment or vehicle you're considering purchasing or leasing, call the GM Mobility Assistance Center at 1-800-323-9935. Click Here to see GM website for latest up-to-date details.
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